Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing Workshops for those who work in caring professions.

Our story

Uplifting, motivating and supporting our carers

In the caring profession, we often forget that in order to care for others we need to first care for ourselves.

We simply cannot pour from empty cups. 

Working in social care requires physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience.Many of us know how to care for ourselves on a physical level but rarely think about our mental, emotional and spiritual health which are all interconnected and have a strong impact on those around us.

Our Values

Now it’s time to care for our carers.

Good care professionals tend to be empaths – a superpower that is both a blessing and a curse, as it often causes emotional exhaustion if you don’t practice proper self-care.

The past few years

has placed enormous pressure on social care, leaving the workforce drained of their caring superpowers - depleted of their vital resources so now it’s time to care for our carers.

Not only will this create

A brighter and more motivated care workforce, but also impact the quality of care they give to clients and residents.

In this workshop

We will be discovering the magical energetic potential of our thoughts and feelings and how this impact our ability to care and support others. Through Mindfulness, breath work, Dance movement therapy and EFT tapping we will unlock our innate healing powers.

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Care professionals suffering from burnout