12 Butterflies

Wildest dreams

12 Butterflies

As a marketer of over 14 years I have seen and experienced growth for all kinds of businesses, from using traditional marketing techniques through to the latest online hacks for paid advertising. I was pretty sure that my marketing skills were ALL I needed to grow my business and help others grow theirs.

I WAS SOOO WRONG! 12 butterflies describes an intimate journey through addiction, to self acceptance, growth and finally towards transformation. Offering practical tools, techniques and principles for achieving your greatest goals and living life beyond your wildest dreams.



And I am pretty pleased to have learnt that too. I thought that passing on my marketing skills to help people make more money, was my purpose and most valuable contribution to the world. It wasn’t until I delved into the teachings of highly successful business and spiritual leaders that I discovered an entirely different perspective on business growth.

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This is a lovely little book. Anoushka combines her experience of twelve-step recovery with the Law of Attraction and other spiritual wisdom to provide a useful guide for those wishing to turn dreams into reality. ​