Spiritual Healing

3- 12 session packages tailored to your goals. 1:1 and Group sessions offered offering a variety of healing therapies including Meditation, creative visualisation and EFT.

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Service Description

Healing, EFT, Meditation, Breathing and Journaling, are amongst the areas of expertise offered. 
These programmes offer a multi-dimensional approach to accessing higher self-awareness, identifying, developing and transforming perceptions of self and removing the blockages that inhibit growth.

You will acquire the tools and techniques to begin manifesting your business and personal goals right away – AND discover how to apply these life-changing concepts across all areas of your life, such as health, love and overall well-being. Each programme is tailored to the individual and is highly interactive, including as much or as little communication as needed between sessions.

Anoushka’s book, 12 butterflies, describes her intimate journey through addiction, to self acceptance, growth and finally towards transformation. Offering practical tools, techniques and principles for achieving your greatest goals and living life beyond your wildest dreams.

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We will provide personalised and tailored therapy programmes to suit your individual needs.​

Care for our Carers

Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing Workshops for care professionals

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Gratitude Workshops

Gratitude is the fastest and most effective way of amplifying positivity in the workplace.


Rapid Transformational Therapy®

A unique form of hypnotherapy for overcoming patterns of behaviour.


Depression And Anxiety

RTT® & spiritual coaching blended for mental health issues.

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Intuitive Readings

Find out your true psychic abilities or solution to your problems through intuitive readings.

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