Depression, Anxiety,
Phobia & Fears

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Our behaviours stem from deeply engrained thoughts and beliefs. Conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Fear and Phobias can be identified when we tap into our subconscious – furthermore we can re-programme these beliefs. Aventurine Therapies will support you to develop and experience a variety of tools and solutions to enable you to regain your power and start living the life you deserve.

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We will provide personalised and tailored therapy programmes to suit your individual needs.​

Care for our Carers

Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing Workshops for care professionals

Spiritual Healing

session packages tailored to your goals.


Rapid Transformational Therapy®

A unique form of hypnotherapy for overcoming patterns of behaviour.

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Gratitude Workshops

Gratitude is the fastest and most effective way of amplifying positivity in the workplace.

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Intuitive Readings

Find out your true psychic abilities or solution to your problems through intuitive readings.

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